Designing with concrete, made of earth's most abundant natural resources - water, stone aggregate and cement - we work closely with clients to find creative and environmentally sustainable solutions for a wide variety of building types. Equus is a national leader in the design of total precast building systems.

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University of Scranton
Condron Hall

Scranton, Pennsylvania

This new seven-story, 386-bed residence hall for the University of Scranton contains over 108,000 sq. ft. of living space. Constructed using a total precast concrete design, this project was erected in only fourteen weeks. This project utilized thin brick cast into concrete panels and custom formliners for the exterior facade. The structure uses a cross-wall building design constructed with interior load bearing precast wall panels. Equus Design Group, in collaboration with Burkavage Design Associates, University of Scranton, and Oldcastle Building Systems, designed this project.

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Melrose Commons II Housing

Bronx, New York

The project, also called Sunflower Way, is constructed of precast concrete panels, plank and channel shapes. A brick facade is cast into the exterior wall panels, and precast concrete cornices, lintels, and other details are designed to complement the neighborhood brownstones. Winner of the national HUD Secretary's Platinum Award for Excellence, this project is also a recipient of a Northeast Residential Green Building Award sponsored by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA).The project is also the first affordable housing development in New York State to receive an “Energy Star Homes” label from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The homes were developed through the Partnership New Homes Program, jointly operated by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the NYC Housing Partnership.  Oldcastle Precast are the concrete manufacturers; Danois and Equus Design Group are the architects. The developer is MCII Associates.

The Juliana

Hoboken, New Jersey

This 128-unit luxury condominium complex consists of 2 buildings, each with three levels of residences above a first level garage. The exterior is constructed using load-bearing precast concrete panels with a stone formliner first level and cast-in thin brick veneer above. The bay windows are prefabricated metal enclosures. REMI Companies is the developer, Oldcastle Building Systems the concrete supplier, and Equus Design Group and Bodnar Associates the architects.

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Precast Building Manuals

These Precast Concrete System Manuals are written and published by Equus Design Group for Oldcastle Building Systems. The manuals are designed to assist owners, developers, architects, engineers, contractors, and others interested in learning the benefits and uses of total precast building systems for a variety of applications.

The manuals feature planning principles, construction details, façade treatments and case studies. Information includes the benefits of precast concrete, such as cost savings, speed of building erection, durability and maintenance advantages, as well as sustainable design. The Residential Building System Manual showcases design applications in multi-family residences, college dormitories and residence halls and senior residences. The Office Building System Manual highlights the use of total precast building systems for use in high performance office buildings. The Precast Wall Panel Manual features wall panel applications for industrial, retail, institutional, and entertainment building types.

Each manual can be obtained from:

Oldcastle Building Systems website

Forest House

Bronx, New York

This affordable housing complex contains 124 units within an 8-story, 108,000 square foot total precast concrete building structure. Interior and exterior load bearing precast panels support the 8" hollow-core floor and roof plank. Precast componenets are also used for the stairwells, elevator shaft, rooftop penthouse and the underground parking garage beneath the rear courtyard.

Green features of the project include Energy Star fixtures and appliances, a co-generation system, programmable thermostats, occupancy sensors and low VOC paints and finishes. There is also a rainwater harvesting system that will supply water needs for irrigation and the rooftop greenhouse, which will be used to grow fresh vegetables for a local non-profit food cooperative. Equus collaborated with ABS Architects, Blue Sea Development Company and Oldcastle Precast in the design of the project.

Habitat for Humanity Housing

Yonkers, New York

This project for Habitat for Humanity is the first residential house constructed using CarbonCast™ concrete technology in the United States. The project consists of three duplex houses on two sites. Each duplex consists of carbon-fiber reinforced precast concrete exterior wall panels, floors and roofs, demising walls and foundations. The design and construction team included Altus Group precasters, Steven Winters Associates engineers and Equus Design Group, Architects.

Melrose 5

Bronx, New York

Following the highly successful Melrose Commons II, this development continues the award-winning approach to design excellence, particularly in green architecture. Melrose Commons 5 is being constructed by the Blue Sea Development Company as its second affordable housing community in the South Bronx applying for LEED Certification. Its green features will include rooftop wind turbines, basement co-generation system, recycled construction products, and 100% ENERGY STAR appliances. The design features a total precast building system with precast exterior wall panels and brick facing. The total precast building system is being manufactured by Oldcastle Precast. Equus Design Group collaborated with Danois Associates in the design of the project.

Hampden County Jail
and House of Correction

Ludlow, Massachusetts

The Hampden County Jail and House of Correction is an 1,100 bed facility designed for both male and female inmates. The general population housing is a total precast building system built of insulated precast concrete modules, panels and channels. Rotondo Precast is the precast concrete manufacturer.   Perini Corporation is the builder, and Monacelli Associates, with Equus Design Group's Michael Smith, Principal-in-Charge, are the architects.

Celtec Housing

This is a precast concrete building system developed jointly by Equus Design Group (Architects and Planners), Oldcastle Precast (Manufacturer), and International Construction Solution (Developer and Contractor) as a high-quality, low-cost housing solution for housing in the Carribean.The building system, designed for comfortable tropical living, is capable of withstanding hurricane conditions. The first project using this prototype is being constructed in Puerto Rico. The basic building module is a precast channel with concrete exterior walls and integral roof overhang. The channel system is complemented with a variety of other products such as interior and exterior concrete wall panels, roof drainage and fenestration for a complete factory-built, site-assembled building system. The system is designed for one, two, and three-bedroom housing units.

Suffolk County Jail
and House of Correction

Boston, Massachusetts

This total precast project, in the heart of Boston, is a 300-bed correctional facility at the Suffolk County House of Correction. The project was designed within the walls of an under-utilized open space of the existing complex. The design for this facility includes administrative offices, counseling rooms, multi-purpose rooms, exam room, common areas, 3-6 person dormitory-style sleeping areas, and direct-supervision mode dayrooms. The dorms and lavatories are created from large precast channel modules. Common areas are designed using insulated load bearing precast concrete panels and hollow core precast planks. Oldcastle Precast manufactured the precast components. Equus Design Group is the architect.

School Blocks System

Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Working closely with Rotondo Precast, Equus Design Group designed a new prototype school building system using precast modular channel and panel components. The design takes advantage of the inherent strengths of concrete to provide an energy-efficient, acoustically superior, fire-resistive and abuse-tolerant educational environment. Coupled with other precast concrete elements, the School Blocks System lends itself to a wide variety of applications from small school additions to entire campuses.

Bristol County
Modular Housing Unit

North Dartmouth, Massachusetts

This 300-bed, precast concrete modular correctional dormitory was designed for the Bristol County Jail and House of Correction. The design employs the use of the Maxi-Dorm precast system developed jointly by Equus Design Group and Oldcastle Precast Modular Group (manufacturer). The entire building envelope is built of high-strength, insulated concrete channels, wall panels and planks. The two-story design has four pods with 3-to 6-person dormitory rooms arrayed along double loaded corridors. Each pod is designed for the direct supervision style of management and has a dayroom, correctional program offices, laundry, multi-purpose room and officer station. A one story portion of the building has a full service kitchen and a visiting area.

Dormitory/Hotel Prototype

The prototype system for dormitories and hotels was designed by Equus Design Group for Oldcastle Precast. The design features the use of a monolithically cast, five-sided room using 5000 psi reinforced concrete. Room modules offer a wide variety of layout choices from simple additions to suites.  The room modules come fully equipped and furnished with all systems in place before shipment, including bathrooms. Full precast concrete student housing buildings and hotels come complete with room modules, floor planks, double T's and wall panels.

Northern Country
Correctional Facility

Berlin, New Hampshire

This 247,000 square foot medium security prison is located on an isolated hilltop in northern New Hampshire. The project was won in a design-build competition involving some of the nation’s top design and construction firms.  The design features the use of precast concrete cells by Oldcastle Precast Modular Group and concrete panels by the contractor.  The cell blocks are constructed of 5000 psi, nine inch thick precast modules, stacked 4-high. The prison is designed for 500 inmates with infrastructure to accommodate 1000 inmates as correctional demands dictate. Equus Design Group and SMRT were associated architects for the project.

Brass Mill Parking Garage

Waterbury, Connecticut

This 620-space parking structure is located at the Brass Mill Shopping Center. The precast structure, cast in warm-tone concrete with exposed aggregate and red sand, was engineered by Engineers Design Group. Equus Design Group was the architect for the project and General Growth Properties is the owner.

Worcester County Jail
and House of Correction

West Boylston, Massachusetts

This project consists of 300 modular inmate cells and support facilities for the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction. This milestone project is the first design/build concrete modular project in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is also the first design of the Oldcastle pre-cast concrete cell. The total design/build period for the precast concrete cells, from notice-to-proceed to occupancy was nine months. The project has received awards from both the American Concrete Institute and the Association of General Contractors.

Bridgewater Modular Dormitory

Bridgewater, Massachusetts

This project is the first concrete modular correctional dormitory designed and built in the nation. The design employs the use of the Maxi-Dorm™ precast system developed jointly by Equus Design Group and Oldcastle Precast Modular Group (manufacturer). The entire building envelope is built of high-strength, insulated concrete channels, wall panels and planks. Built for the Massachusetts Division of Capital Planning & Operations, and the Department of Correction, the two-story design has four pods with 3-6 person dormitory rooms arrayed along double-loaded corridors. Each pod is designed for the direct supervision form of management and has a dayroom, correctional program offices, laundry, multi-purpose room and officer station.

Quincy Upper School

Boston, Massachusetts

Built for the Boston School Department, this is the first precast concrete modular school built in the United States. The design employs the use of the Oldcastle School Block precast system designed by Equus Design Group. The building contains six classrooms and an administrative wing and went from concept to completion in just 105 days. A second floor addition, built a year later, added six more classrooms, a science laboratory and faculty lounge. The entire building envelope is constructed of insulated concrete channels, wall panels and plank. Equus Design Group were the architects. The project won a Build Massachusetts Award from the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts.

Tripp Athletic Center -
UMass Dartmouth

North Dartmouth, Massachusetts

This new athletic facility was designed for the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. The 12,000 SF athletic facility contains a state-of-the-art fitness center, aerobics studio, lounge, and locker rooms. A separate steam heating plant is also part of the project. Both buildings are designed using steel frame construction with tilt-up insulated exterior precast wall panels to match the concrete of the adjacent building and campus. Equus Design Group is the Architect for the project.

Rhode Island Intake Center

Cranston, Rhode Island

This is an 800-bed adult intake center for the state of Rhode Island's correctional system.  Each housing pod consists of a double tier of cells oriented to the unit core area.  The project is designed with precast concrete cells and wall panels. A common support space at the lower level includes administrative offices, kitchen and dining rooms, and the compliment of spaces for inmate evaluations.  Perini Corporation was the builder.  Monacelli Associates with Equus Design Group's Michael Smith, were the architects.

Berkshire County Jail
and House of Correction

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

This is the new 500 bed Berkshire County Jail and House of Correction. The design includes the complete array of program functions for a fully functional, state-of-art correctional facility including food service, health service, training, visiting, administration, education, recreation, maintenance and warehouse. The housing pods are constructed with precast cells and hollow core plank. The support buildings have precast wall panels. Oldcastle Precast manufactured the concrete modular system. Equus Design Group are the Architects.

DYS - Metro Boston

Boston, Massachusetts

This Youth Detention Facility is located in an urban, residential setting of the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. Designed to blend in with the surrounding neighborhood, this dormitory-style building uses a combination of carefully proportioned exterior masonry and precast concrete construction. The building consists of a two-story, two-wing structure using 60 precast concrete modular bedrooms, load-bearing masonry walls and precast plank. Equus Design Group are the Architects. The Division of Capital Asset Management is the Owner and the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services is the User Agency.